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4 Exciting Reasons To Visit Kailua Kona

Published on 04. 23. 2015

Take a peek at Kailua Kona’s famous tourist spots, grab a pen and paper to plan your next vacation getaway with this list of exciting things you can do in this beautiful place at The Big Island!

Why to visit Kailua Kona


If you want to see the lush surroundings and beautiful sunset as you smell the mouthwatering aroma of the Kona coffee, with the cool water from the Pacific kissing your toes, then check why you have to be at Kona today!

Ocean and outdoor escapades

Kailua Kona, or "Kona" as the locals call it, is located at the west side of the Hualalai Volcano. It was a city of kings, as ancient kings lived there, like King Kamehameha I, and his son King Liholiho. The missionaries who came to the island built churches and planted coffee. Later on, Kona which used to be a fishing village became a seaport and the home of water sports and exciting outdoor sports.
Kona is the perfect place for basking under the warm summer sky; while your back touches the soft sand of Kona’s postcard perfect beaches- a summer refuge indeed! Or you can go enjoy the thrill of boating, diving, snorkeling, swimming and surfing and get the best out of water sports as you forget all concerns you may have in mind!
If water sports are not for you, then why not get on a bike and check the magnificent views in town like the Queen's Palace, Moku`aikaua Church, The H.N. Greenwell Store Museum and the Astronaut Ellison S. Onizuka Space Center. If you’re a coffee lover, drop by at the Kona Coffee Living History Farm, and find out why this 5.5 acre historic coffee farm produces the best coffee in The Big Island? You can also

Shop and dine!

Want to buy lots of stop and taste the scrumptious local dishes at Kona? Well, there are lots of shopping and dining places where you can get discounts! Try rummaging through the Ali'i Drive, the shopping hub in Kona and search for whatever your heart delights at other shopping haven’s like the Ali'i Gardens, the Coconut Grove and the Kona Inn Shopping Village! 

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Are you ready for a two-hour drive? Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is definitely worth it. Others take the helicopter for a superb view. The park will greet you with displays and information about what it has to offer. There’s an art center near the entrance where you can view the art gallery and historical displays. There’s also a museum with a book store near the Crater Rim Drive, which hosts art exhibits. 

Island trek

Do you want to walk on a foot trail or cross the cool Pacific waters at the Kealakekua Bato snorkel and kayak? It also has a monument for Captain James Cook since he first came to the island in 1778.
If you love hiking, or going on a four-wheel drive, then you’ll be rewarded with a breath taking view of the Green Sand Beach, also called, “Papakolea” at the end of your 2-mile journey. Get down on this giant bowl-shaped beach and enjoy
Here, at Kona, you can enjoy communing with nature as you take on every adventure that you haven’t tried before. Or you can simply spend your long cozy days relaxing in the sand beach, watching the wild dolphins, enjoying the cool afternoon breeze and listening to the splashing of the waves while waiting for the beautiful Hawaiian sunset.

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