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A 30 day rehab and detox from pain pills and cocaine.

Published on 11. 04. 2016

I came to HIR on 8/29/16 for a thirty day rehab and detox from pain pills and cocaine. I didn't think I would make it past the first week. What I found was very compassionate staff from Intake all the way to Chef Danny. After the first two days I started feeling better and was very comfortable around staff and other clients. I was enjoying myself while feeling a little overconfident. Three weeks later I was around to leave the facility and I relapsed. The staff was nice enough to consider letting me back into the program on a day to day basis.  That's when I really put my 100% to it it's now been about 65 days and I am still in program as outpatient and living life on lives terms. I have never been to rehab in my life and I was so afraid of detox and being miserable without pills and drugs. I wish I came to HIR sooner because they made it so easy for me. If you or a family member is considering treatment I will highly suggest H I R they have the best staff to accomidate your needs and are very compassionate and accommodating.



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