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Many are surprised to learn that behavioral addictions, such as an addiction to gambling, can be just as destructive as addictions to drugs or alcohol.
01. 27. 2017 Read more
As our nation continues to fight an epidemic of opiate and opioid addiction, it’s more important than ever to understand the dangers of fentanyl.
01. 12. 2017 Read more
No matter how many times you’ve tried and failed to embrace a life of sobriety, we are ready and able to help you achieve your goals and avoid relapse.
12. 30. 2016 Read more
Instead of starting the new year with a drunken night you won’t remember, check out the 5 best ways to stay sober on New Year’s Eve.
12. 17. 2016 Read more
Not only do we provide access to licensed and caring professionals, but we also offer an opportunity to get out and have life-changing encounters in beautiful Hawaii. You didn't think we'd let you come all this way to hide in a counselor's office, did you?
11. 29. 2016 Read more
The story of a woman who decided to enter a drug rehab because she could not live with addiction anymore.
11. 21. 2016 Read more

 Every journey begins with a single step. For the journey to recovery, that first step is picking up the phone to call a rehab center.

01. 19. 2017 Read more

If you’ve recently experienced relapse along the journey to recovery, you may be experiencing a lot of fear and guilt.

01. 06. 2017 Read more

Emotions that may be difficult or scary to express in talking therapy can be easier to recognize and express through music and art therapy.

12. 22. 2016 Read more

Alcohol is a normal part of our culture, and you can find it everywhere-in television shows, at nearly every restaurant, and even at your office holiday party. Many adults regularly enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or beer at a football game, and some even get drunk on occasion. In a culture that is so accepting of alcohol, how do you know if you've crossed a line into alcohol addiction? How far is too far?

12. 11. 2016 Read more

When new residents enter rehab at Hawaiian Island Recovery (HIR), they often have questions about what life will look like during their stay and how their habits will change throughout the program. One common question we hear residents ask is, "What will I eat while I'm at HIR?"

You may not know this, but what you eat during your recovery can have a huge impact on your success.

11. 24. 2016 Read more

As you make the decision to enter drug rehab, you may feel afraid and alone. You may even feel like you’re the only one in the world with problems as painful as the ones caused by your addiction—but you’re not. Discovering that others just like you have walked this road and emerged victoriously will help you in your own journey.

11. 09. 2016 Read more

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