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Damien Young, MA, MFTI


My personal philosophy is that every human being on this earth has a right to happiness, and that beneath every symptom, behavior, role, and survival mask we wear, lies a whole, healthy, immensely wise and brilliant Self that is yearning to shed its shackles and find its way home. My primary job as a therapist, then, is to truly see, be with, and reflect that Self within my clients, holding the mirror and the candle of hope until they can hold it for themselves, and through this process empower my clients to find healing and enact change in their lives.

As a clinician I utilize an integrative approach to meet my clients' unique needs, working with individuals, couples, and families, and specializing in the treatment of trauma (PTSD, physical/sexual abuse, developmental trauma), depression, anxiety, addictions, grief/loss, relationships, family work, anger management, male mental health, autism/learning disabilities.

I hold my clients' spiritual and cultural identities as crucial in understanding who they are and what their unique path to healing looks like. I also provide wilderness therapy and shamanic healing as adjunct healing modalities to my practice.


Categories: , EMDR

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