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Wild Dolphin Therapy

Addiction is a complex condition that affects all aspects of a person’s life. Left untreated, addiction is a chronic, debilitating and often life-threatening disorder that diminishes one’s health, happiness and capacity to live a productive and fulfilling life. Hawaii Island Recovery approaches addiction as an affliction affecting body, mind and spirit. To support a full and enduring recovery, all manifestations of an addiction require attention to ensure a lasting return to wellness. Our experiential and holistic therapies are designed to inspire, stretch, soothe and restore you to a natural state of wellbeing.

 Dolphin Assisted Therapy


Wild Dolphin Assisted Psychotherapy

Experiential therapies are intended to inspire insight and healing through one’s own exploration of their feeling state relative to a new experience. Unique the world over, Hawaii Island Recovery’s Wild Dolphin Assisted Psychotherapy is a powerful experiential therapy that interfaces our clients with wild dolphins in the open ocean.

Imagine the intelligence of a creature that approaches us by choice in its natural environment, motived by curiosity and a mutual affinity to seek out our company. Our likenesses are many; we share in common rich and complex inner worlds, we are sentient, self -aware mammals who experience a wide spectrum of emotion and foster deep attachments. To look a wild dolphin in the eye, is to feel the presence of something extraordinary. That is what will define your WDAP experience, what YOU feel at that moment. Maybe it will transform you, ignite feelings of joy, aliveness, gratitude, and calm. The experience is yours to uniquely discover.


Animal Therapy with HIR Clients  


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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

The benefits of Animal-Assisted therapies are significant for many people in early recovery. The presence of animals in therapeutic settings has been noted to reduce stress and improve mood. Animal Assisted therapies may evoke strong feelings and elicit pivotal insights that support long term sobriety.

 Equine Therapy


Hawaii Island Recovery Equine Assisted Psychotherapy program engages our clients with horses in unexpected ways. Horses have been said to mirror our emotions back to us, and what they reflect often surprises us! Equine Assisted Psychotherapy can help clients access feeling states that were not accessible through talk therapy and may also aid with verbal and non-verbal communication, improved self-awareness and expanded capacities for lateral thinking, problem solving and teamwork.         


Animal Assisted Therapy with our Clients


Holistic Health Therapy

Our Holistic therapies are designed to strengthen the synergistic relationship between body, mind and spirit and facilitate the restoration of health and wholeness by engaging the body’s natural ability to balance and heal itself. Hawaii Island Recovery offers reiki, acupuncture, massage, yoga and meditation as a part of our comprehensive treatment program designed to support a full recovery from addiction, pain, and co-occurring disorders. 20  Read more about Holistic Health Services


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