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Holistic Health Services


As the Big Island’s premiere residential treatment center, Hawaii Island Recovery offers the most effective holistic therapies available to treat addiction. Our holistic therapies used in combination with traditional modalities provide our clients with a synergistic array of healing practices to ensure their full recovery from their addiction- body, mind, and spirit. Hawaii Island Recovery offers Reiki, Acupuncture, massage, and yoga to support the healing process. Homeopathic, Naturopathic, and nutritional support are also available.



Ludmila Hibscher | Director of Wellness & Recreational Services

Reiki is an ancient healing art that restores the healthy flow of energy through the subtle work of a practitioner’s hands moving above a person’s body. A Reiki practitioner does not generally touch the patient directly but feels the energy emanating from their body and works to correct any blocks or imbalances that may be causing physical, emotional or psychological distress. Our clients remark how relaxed they feel after a Reiki session, and may feel a physical sensation they liken to a weight being lifted from them. Mark, a former client, recalled his experience with Reiki as transformative. “During the session, I had this overwhelming feeling of heaviness in my feet. It was paralyzing. The therapist felt the tremendous heat coming from them. As she worked on me, I began to remember a traumatic event I had tried to forget and became very emotional. I had held this experience in my feet, and as she moved her hands, I felt the heat and heaviness lessen until it was gone. I was then able to bring the memory into a talk therapy session with my counselor where I was finally able to let go of it”.



Dr. Daniel Caputo N.D.L. AC | Naturopath and Acupuncturist

Acupuncture has existed for a millennium as a powerful healing modality. Using tiny needles that are barely perceptible when placed in the skin, acupuncture works with the body’s natural energy system to restore balance and health. Acupuncture is effective as an adjunctive treatment for chronic pain, stress, anxiety, depression, cravings and many other somatic symptoms of addiction. Our clients report many benefits from acupuncture, including feelings of calm, improved sleep, increased energy and a decrease in withdrawal symptoms.


Our experienced staff is here to assist you Jimmy Kayihura

MASSAGE Massage-Hawaii-Island-Recovery

Massage has many therapeutic properties. Massage can facilitate the detoxification process, stimulate cellular activity and improve healing. Massage is a wonderful tool to reduce stress and anxiety and induce deep relaxation. HIR clients receive a weekly massage as a part of their treatment program and have the option to add additional sessions to their individualized program.

YOGA Yoga-Hawaii-Island-Recovery

Yoga has been referred to as meditation in motion and promotes a restoration of balance through the relationship of body and breath. HIR clients enjoy their afternoon yoga under the palm trees and report feeling more “centered and serene” through the practice of yoga.

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