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How To Find The Right Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center

Published on 05. 18. 2015

It is no secret that substance and alcohol abuse are at epidemic proportions. At a certain point, the abuser is aware that they have a real problem and could use some help. Those who procrastinate in getting help usually sink deeper into the abuser’s spiral of heavier abuse. Many of these people are reluctant to ask for help because they are embarrassed, and mistakenly think that if they ask for help that they are showing weakness. The message here is that it is okay to seek help, it is the smart thing to do. It is actually the first step on the road to recovery. Acknowledging the problem and taking a positive step is the correct course of action. Don’t worry about what other people may think, take care of yourself. Show everyone that you have taken control and have the power to get on the road to wellness.

How to choose the best treatment center


This is the point that you should be thinking about how to find the right Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center. There are many different types of facilities in this arena. A total change in surroundings always helps in creating a new and healthy paradigm of thinking. Stay away from large facilities with huge bed capacity, like a dormitory type setting, or motel like. The difference here is that a smaller resident program means more personalized attention. This can mean the difference between success or failure. It’s great when a treatment center has all kinds of specialists and therapists, but no so great when you can hardly get a chance to spend some quality time with them.


Imagine taking a trip to an exotic location, fresh air, beautiful beaches, mountain scenery and even rainforests for some back-to-nature experiences. There are not many substance abuse treatment centers like this, but Hawaii is host to the Hawaii Island Recovery Center. Their high success rate is a reflection on their staff, the setting, and the treatment programs that they offer. This is a treatment center with a limited number of residential treatment beds, and that offers long term programs of 30, 60 or 90 days, depending on the patient’s needs. The point is that no patient is rushed in their treatment program just to make bed space for a new patient. 


Hawaii Island Recovery utilizes a treatment approach that is multi-disciplinary and the result of evidence-based interventions that produce results. The cure to addiction involves the body, mind and spirit. The methods of treatment include mainstream medicine techniques all the way to holistic medicine therapies. The staff consists of highly trained and certified individuals in all of the varied disciplines, such as: Yoga, Massage, Exercise, Sports, Acupuncture, Cognitive - Behavioral Therapy, EMDR,

Clinical Hypnosis, Experiential Therapy and Animal – Assisted Therapy, Reiki, and a lot more.


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