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How & What We Treat

How Hawaii Island Recovery Treats

Hawaii Island Recovery provides a safe, confidential and therapeutic environment where clients can recover from addiction and gain the positive skills to lead healthy lives.

We recognize that each client is a unique individual.  Our goal is not only to promote recovery and abstinence from addiction and its effects, but also to assist clients in achieving their greatest level of wellbeing in mind, body and spirit. 



  Only 8 bed facility

  Individualized, professional care

  Highly successful treatment


Located in an exclusive neighborhood in Kailua-Kona on beautiful Hawaii Island, our clients recover from addictions and restore their health in a setting that is known throughout the world as a healing environment. Hawaii Island Recovery provides 24-hour supervision in our elegant island style residence. We specialize in treating a broad spectrum of addictions, including alcohol, meth and heroin addictions and psychological conditions that maintain negative behaviors and patterns.


Our treatment program is highly successful! 75% of former clients are sober more than a year!


Our discreet location allows our clients to recover from their addiction privately, while having access to the all the amenities they need to ensure a comfortable stay.  Clients also enjoy delicious and nutritious meals that are prepared by our private chef using the freshest local ingredients.  

Our highly trained team provides a wide range of programs and therapies to treat addiction, mental health disorders and chronic pain.  Hawaii Island Recovery’s residential treatment program and aftercare services are provided by a team of experts who utilize the most advanced approaches to caring for clients at every stage of their recovery.  

We believe our integrated approach to treating addictions fosters a healthy and lasting recovery. We address the complex interplay of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual contributors to addictive behavior.  The result: clients benefit from evidence-based treatments that are combined with holistic and experiential therapies that best support their full recovery. 

Recovery Programs to Meet Your Needs

Hawaii Island Recovery provides treatment programs that last 30, 60 and 90 days.  Each client’s clinical needs are evaluated prior to a prescribed length of treatment.  Often, clients find that they prefer to remain in treatment longer to gain greater clarity and strength as they prepare for sober and drug-free living.  

Regardless of the duration of treatment, a range of therapeutic services serves as the foundation of Hawaii Island Recovery’s program. 

These services include:

Pre-medical approval/assessment

Animal assisted therapy (dolphin and equine therapies)

Medical/psychological/social assessmentsPersonal training and fitness consultation (4 visits per month)
Individualized treatment planExperiential and recreational learning activities
Consultations with addictionologist, as needed12-Step support groups
Medication management and buprenorphineFamily education and support
Individual therapy sessions (2 sessions per week)Discharge planning
Group therapy and process counseling (6 hours per week)Relapse prevention and recovery coaching
Holistic and adjunctive therapies (Reiki, massage, acupuncture)Random drug/alcohol monitoring


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Aftercare Services: Relapse Prevention and Recovery Coaching

Hawaii Island Recovery also provides a range of services that build upon our residential treatment.  All prescribed aftercare services are tailored to each individual’s plan for ongoing success following treatment. 

These include:

  Consultations with addictionologist  Coaching focused on recovery and preventing relapse
  Individualized support services  12-Step meetings and fellowship
  Individual and group therapy sessions  Gym membership
  Random drug/alcohol monitoring  Medication management
  Family support  Case management
  Life skills education 


Comprehensive Treatment Program to Ensure Your Success

Hawaii Island Recovery’s residential program is designed to treat the whole person, not just the addiction. 

With three key components:




What Hawaii Island Recovery Treats

Hawaii Island Recovery is an addiction treatment center specializing in the treatment of substance abuse, behavioral addictions, chronic pain and co-occurring mental health disorders. 

Our programs are highly effective in treating:

Prescription Medication 
Hallucinogens, all street drugs and others  
Eating disorders
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Bi-polar Disorder 



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