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"I would recommend your program and facility to anyone."

Published on 08. 01. 2014

This letter is a testimony of gratitude to all of you for all you have done to help our son break free from addiction. I have come to realize that it doesn’t matter what your addiction is, to overcome it you need first to admit you need help and your journey will begin. After that, the first step to recovery is getting clean. You provide a great facility and program to accomplish that, but more importantly you have provided to our son the tools that result in restored self esteem, self confidence and independence. Without those tools getting clean will only be a temporary fix with relapse most certain. I honestly feel that in order to connect with someone that is fighting addiction you need to provide a facility that is inviting, warm and comfortable full of people whose sole purpose is to help you overcome your addiction and help your family understand it. Your facility and program does just that, the Sunday Barbeque with family and graduates is an example of just one of the things you do. The physical activities at HIR such as: yoga, weight lifting (gym) and reiki massage are great activities that help your body and soul find itself again along with daily group AA and NA counseling are critical. The daily activities coupled with your programs doctor and psychologist’s daily visits are what make your program a success. In closing I would recommend your program and facility to anyone. Once again thank you to all of the staff at Hawaii Island Recovery."

– Anonymous



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