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Is Sex Addiction Real Addiction?

Published on 07. 24. 2015

Discover the real nature of sex addiction and why it is considered an addiction and not simply a hyperactive libido. Learn about the most suitable treatment program available for individuals with sex addiction and how it can change their lives.


There’s a debate whether sex addiction is real addiction or just a case of hyper libido, where a person just craves for sex to satisfy his or her desires. But, sex addiction is a serious condition just like drug addiction and mental disorders. Although the DSM-5 Manual has not yet included sex addiction as a mental disorder, people who engage in damaging sexual behaviors need to get help as soon as possible before they lose everything that’s important in their lives.
People with sex addiction have underlying problems like depression, anxiety, and serious psychological problems that lead them to desire sex more often than an average person. They are prone to sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS and Hepa B. Their jobs, relationships, social standing and health are at serious risk while they continue to engage in this addictive pattern of pornography, soliciting sex from strangers, masturbation, exhibitionism and other harmful sexual behaviors.

Is sex addiction a question of morality?

Contrary to what other people say, sexual addiction is not a sexual preference or absence of good moral conduct but a real psychological problem which like addiction is difficult to stop. They can’t stop thinking about sexual thoughts and acts and they lose control of their sexual desires. Sexual thoughts preoccupy their mind and without it they feel depressed, isolated and empty. They may stop for a while but they always go back to it without proper treatment. Most sex addicts live in conflict with themselves because of constant shame and fear of being discovered and the uncontrollable desire to have sex.

How sex addiction starts

While the causes of sex addiction remains unknown and there were no concrete studies to prove whether or not the brain mechanisms associated with substance addiction work in the same way as sex addiction. This condition is related to the dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain. Alterations in the levels of these brain chemicals affect the person’s ability to control emotions, impulse and attention. There are also psychological conflicts like depression, problems with self-acceptance, abusive past and unexpressed fear, guilt and other negative circumstances in a person’s life that lead to this condition.

Causes of sex addiction according to Dr. Magness

Dr. Milton Magness says that you have sex addiction if you engaged in a sexual behavior that has hurt you or someone else and that despite the fact that doing so hurts you or the other person, you do it again, and again, and again. He said that sex addiction often starts with watching or reading pornographic materials at an early age. Abuse is another factor; it can be sexual, physical or emotional abuse. Another factor is religious belief where people have extreme opinions on sex, either it should totally be avoided or desired.

How sex addiction is treated

The first thing a person needs to overcome sex addiction is to know its root cause. Why do I feel this way? When did I start this unhealthy pattern? These questions must be answered before a person can start with the solution.
Real addiction treatment does not simply correct the behaviors without going to its roots. Doing so will only offer temporary relief and the client may relapse afterwards.
Effective sex addiction treatment like the one offered by Hawaii Island Recovery includes thorough medical, social and psychological assessments in which the individualized treatment plan will be based. You will have consultations with the most appropriate therapist/addictionologist based on your needs. There are individual and group therapy sessions to help you discover the real causes of your sex addiction and to guide and support you in facing these underlying causes one by one.
At HIR, we offer holistic therapies to facilitate the healing for your mind, soul and body. You can also enjoy our relaxing therapies like acupuncture, massage and reiki and the most sought-after animal assisted therapy like swimming with wild dolphins and equine therapies. There are also activities for your family, recreational therapy, 12 steps meetings, recreational activities and random drug testing. But one of the most important therapies that can help you maintain your healthy mindset and addiction-free lifestyle is the recovery coaching and relapse prevention training. It would help you deal with stressful situations and conflicts that you may have to face after you get out of the treatment facility.

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