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It's magical, it's spiritual, it's life changing.

Published on 04. 22. 2016

If love and health are the most precious gifts in the world and you need it now you will find here at the Hawaiian Recovery Center.  
After years in sobriety, I had a relapse that brought me down to my knees in a very short amount of time. I am a mother of two, a highly functioning person, a health nut who was about to loose it all. In a matter of days after using alcohol I was a broken person, wounded animal that was full of self-doubt, frustration, and pain. I wanted to give up on everything and admit full defeat in the throws of my addition that was now raging. 
I was the lucky person who made it to the other side, a person who made a decision to come to Kona to get back everything that I have lost and gain so much more. What can be said about this place? It's magical, it's spiritual, it's life changing. I can't express enough gratitude for the staff, the therapists, the amazing excursions the beautiful food and the sunsets that brought me back to life. Never in my life have I experienced such love, non-judgement, patience, understanding  and the genuine desire to help and to heal. 
Thank you to all at the Hawaiian Recovery Center who helped me save my life and put me on the path to make it so much better than before. What a gift....

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