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The prospect of an uncomfortable detoxification deters some addicts from seeking treatment and keeps them mired in their addiction. But withdrawal does not need to be painful. Hawaii Island Recovery offers medically supervised detoxification that is appropriate for any withdrawal and can be safely conducted outside of a hospital setting.


Stephen H. Denzer, M.D., FACP | Board Certified in Addiction and Internal Medicine


Under the care of our medical staff, our detox protocols ensure your comfort and safety as you withdraw from alcohol, opiates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, and amphetamines as well as other commonly abused substances. Our Addictionologist will determine if you are a candidate for suboxone or other pharmaceutical support during your detoxification and will work closely with you to ensure your comfort during the withdrawal process. Those suffering from chronic pain will be thoroughly evaluated by our medical team and a pain management protocol will be established that reduces the risk of prescription medication abuse while providing effective pain relief.

Hawaii Island Recovery provides medically supervised outpatient detoxification in a comfortable, quiet setting. Client's who require detoxification in the hospital should complete this prior to entering our residential program. Prior to arrival, our Addictionologist will assess your particular needs and will make a recommendation for the appropriate setting for your withdrawal. Most people can be comfortably and safely detoxed in our facility. Our Physicians, both board certified in Addiction Medicine, are licensed to prescribe Suboxone, a new and versatile adjunct to addiction treatment, detoxification, and the ongoing treatment of chronic pain.



HIR has the skill and resources to assess and treat a range of Chemical Dependency and Pain Management issues.


Habituation and Tolerance to mind altering drugs may occur in the context of treatment for pain, both acute and chronic. “Problematic” drug use is common, particularly in the course of treatment for sciatica, chronic back pain, migraine headaches, and injuries. Most patients have never undergone a comprehensive, multidisciplinary evaluation for chronic pain and many patients have been treated with highly addictive opiates and sedatives, where other options or adjuncts are available. Chronic pain and chemical dependency coexist in various patterns and our treatment team will conduct a thorough assessment to determine the most effective non-addictive pain management protocol utilizing the latest advances in medication and body-mind medicine. 

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