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The Lifestyle Intervention Conference

Published on 10. 13. 2014

JohnHibscher, Ph.D. and Fernando Manon, MSED. have returned to Hawaii from attending the 4th Annual Lifestyle Conference which took place at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas from October 6thto October 8th.

The Lifestyle Intervention Conference provided education, resourcing, and collaboration for addiction professionals in intervening and treating a spectrum of addictive disorders including alcohol, drugs, prescription medications, sexual addictions, eating disorders, compulsions, and process addictions. There was also a special focus on workplace intervention.


The Lifestyle Intervention Conference - Las Vegas The Lifestyle Intervention Conference - presentation The Lifestyle Intervention Conference, John Hibscher and Fernando Manon The Lifestyle Intervention Conference, Hawaii Island Recovery


Dr. Hibscher said that the conference was informative and encouraging to discover how many addiction treatment professionals recognize the importance of providing evidence-based therapy, as does HIR, for the trauma, abuse, and present symptoms of anxiety and depression that often accompany addiction.

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