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Residents are often surprised to find that rehab can actually be fun!

Published on 11. 29. 2016

At Hawaiian Island Recovery (HIR), residents are often surprised to find that rehab can actually be fun!

Not only do we provide access to licensed and caring professionals, but we also offer an opportunity to get out and have life-changing encounters in beautiful Hawaii. You didn't think we'd let you come all this way to hide in a counselor's office, did you?


Here are our 5 favorite things to do on the Big Island. We can't wait to show you around!

Relaxing at the Beach

Our residents come searching for freedom, and there's nothing more freeing than stepping onto one of our beautiful beaches. We often like to go to Manini’owali Beach (Kua Bay), known for its crystal clear water and white sand beach. On other days, we may take a trip to Ho‘Okena Beach Park to see dolphins.

A little salty air and sea breeze is the perfect complement to our cutting edge therapies, such as medically supervised detoxification and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

As you lounge in the sand alone or with a friend, you'll have space and time to process all that you're experiencing and learning. Many residents find that as they relax and look out over the horizon, it becomes easier to put their problems in perspective and gain confidence for the journey ahead.



Everyone knows that Hawaii has beautiful beaches, but the Big Island is also home to stunning volcanoes and parks.

The best way to explore all that nature has to offer is to get out and hike some trails on foot.

You, like many of our residents, may find a moderate physical challenge to be empowering, as you discover that you possess far more strength than you know. As you pause to take in the breathtaking views throughout a hike, you'll be reminded that your recovery journey will bring its own moments of beauty that are always worth the challenges you'll overcome along the way.



Do you remember plunging into a pool as a kid—how the shouts and conversations around you were immediately muffled? Do you remember how you floated in silence for a few seconds before emerging with laughter? When you go swimming in Hawaii, you can rediscover those innocent moments of peace and joy.

Here at HIR, we take that therapeutic experience one step further by inviting you to swim with wild dolphins.

When you participate in our dolphin assisted therapy, you'll enjoy a transformative experience and make memories to last a lifetime. 


Even in the winter, the fun doesn't stop on the Big Island. January through March is the peak season for watching humpback whales as they migrate.

When you witness these majestic creatures move through the water with strength and ease, you'll be inspired to navigate your own journey with similar grace. Whalewatching can provide you with a special memory, an opportunity to bond with your new HIR family, and an inspirational moment to carry with you throughout your journey to recovery.

Enjoying Sunsets with Friends


Whether your day is full of healing conversations in therapy or exciting adventures around the Big Island, there's no better way to end a day in Hawaii than watching the sunset with your new friends.

If you're lucky, you'll even get to see the green flash—an incredible phenomena that sometimes causes the sun to appear green for a few seconds right at sunset.

As the fiery ball melts into the horizon, it serves as a special reminder that each day and season has an end, so you must make the most of each moment while you're living in it. You'll be inspired to wake up refreshed and ready to embrace all that awaits you in a new day at HIR.

Are you ready to discover all that Hawaii has to offer?

Do you long to participate in a recovery experience that allows you to fall in love with life all over again?

Contact us today to find out how you can find healing on the Big Island—and have tons of fun along the way.

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