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What Will Happen if You Use Any of The 3 Types of Methamphetamine

Published on 03. 19. 2015

Learn about the effects of using any of the three common types of Methamphetamine: Ice or crystal methamphetamine, speed and glass.


Here are three types of commonly used meth and their effects:

Crystal Meth

The first type refers to Crystalline methamphetamine (others call this ice) which experts call as D-methamphetamine. It is a crystal-like and highly purified methamphetamine that goes through extra- refinement process to remove impurities. It is very potent causing your pupils to remain large, you become talkative and you can’t sit still.

People who have developed meth addiction usually complain of withdrawal symptoms after few hours or days of not using it. These are having cold sweats, and they are feeling depressed, violent, or paranoid. They may feel too tired or too hungry and some even complain of panic attacks.

Glass or Ice

Glass refers to crystal clear and rock hard methamphetamine which gives a very strong effect similar to crystal meth. Drug dealers often use the word ‘ice’ to refer to glass, or “really good meth” because some users cannot tell the difference.

In the street, meth users often use the term “Ice” in referring to meth-amphetamines, not just regular methamphetamine. It is not obtainable in some parts of the country because it has fairly uncommon chemical ingredients.

If ‘Ice’ is used to refer to ‘Crystal methamphetamine’ is ‘crystal meth’ and ‘Ice’ the same?

While both of them are used interchangeably ‘Ice’ (or glass) and ‘Crystal’ have different chemical make-ups. Ice or glass is 90% to 100% pure methamphetamine in crystalline form which looks like a rock salt. Crystal meth, on the other hand, is powdered meth which varies in levels of purity.

‘Ice’ is synthetic methamphetamine which looks like rock candy or chipped ice. It is also called crystal because it is a clear crystal. Ice or glass is also called shabu, meth, crank and ice cream. It is often smoked, inhaled, swallowed or injected.


Speed is the methamphetamine that drug users buy on the street. It is a poorly cut, powdery and greasy meth made in illegal drug laboratories around the country. It is cheaper because it is less pure; sometimes it is only 1% meth. The effects vary depending on the level of purity and how much the user’s body can tolerate. Speed may cause rapid heartbeat, dizziness, sweating, nervousness and hyperactivity. Some speed users become talkative, hostile and restless.

Meth abuse, whether you’re using crystal meth, ice or speed and other meth can lead to serious diseases like kidney and liver problems. It can also cause stroke because of its effects on the heart muscles.

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