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What You May Not Know about Kelly Preston

Published on 09. 29. 2015

Sexy, sultry actress is a native Hawaiian and a former substance abuser. Discover more about her difficult years and learn about her sober lifestyle.

Kelly Preston is known for her buxom figure and sultry voice, but many of her fans don’t realize that Preston, formerly Kelly Kamalelehua Smith, is a native Hawaiian, born and raised in Honolulu. Although Preston spent most of her growing up years in Hawaii, she also lived in Iraq for a short time when she was very young and spent part of her teen years in Australia.
Today, Kelly Preston is known for a huge number of movies, including Jerry McGuire, Twins, and Waiting to Exhale, as well as television shows such as Medium and Quincy M.E. She met actor John Travolta in 1987, but prior to that, she was married to actor Kevin Gage and briefly engaged to famous bad boy Charlie Sheen. She and Travolta have been married since 1991. The couple has three children; their oldest son, Jett, died from a rare autoimmune disorder in 2009.

Like many others, Preston experimented with drugs and alcohol in her high school years.

What many people don’t realize about this beautiful and successful actress is that she battled a substantial substance abuse problem that plagued her until she entered rehab in her mid-20s. Preston openly admits that she used nearly everything, including alcohol, marijuana, ecstasy, Quaaludes, cocaine and mushrooms. She relates that like many addicts, she started experimenting with drugs and alcohol in her teens.

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To family turned her life around

Preston says her love for her children prompted her to commit to sober living. She and John Travolta are both members of the Church of Scientology.
Today, Preston actively promotes drug education and prevention and encourages parents to talk directly to kids about substance abuse and peer pressure in an open, non-threatening manner. At one time, she partnered with Duke Aiona, former Lt. Governor of Hawaii, to address Hawaii’s growing drug problem. She supports a number of charitable causes, including those dedicated to disadvantaged youth, human rights and the environment. In honor of their son, she and Travolta established a foundation to provide assistance to kids with hearing, vision, behavioral, communication or learning impairments.

How Can Hawaii Island Recovery help me with my substance abuse problem?

Hawaii Island Recovery offers comprehensive, evidence-based treatment for substance abuse in a tranquil environment that supports healing of mind, body and spirit. We are able to provide assistance to those who are struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, including people, like Preston, who abused a number of different substances. Many people benefit from our animal-assisted, equine or dolphin therapies.

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